Conscious Leadership Circle

Women Amplifying The Impact Of Our Leadership… Together

Conscious leadership circles are for women who are ready to take their work and their leadership to the next level, and want to do it with the support of a seasoned coach, a structured process, and a small group of extraordinary women.

As a participant, you will enjoy exceptional coaching and unparalleled support and growth in a circle dedicated to breakthroughs in your leadership and the success of your initiatives.

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Taking Your Life’s Work to the Next Level

  • Align your leadership, your work, and your life more fully with your true gifts, deepest values and highest wisdom
  • Clarify or refine your higher purpose – that unique contribution you have been designed by life to make
  • Release hidden barriers to your full leadership power and creative potential
  • Develop an inspiring and compelling vision of the future – for yourself and for our world
  • Translate your vision into a breakthrough initiative (a new project, an expansion/up-leveling of something you’re already working on, or a very clear next milestone/tangible result);
  • Develop the clarity, confidence, and conviction as well as the skills, strategies, structures and relationships you need to realize this next dream
  • Take bold inspired action toward the success of your dream; reflect, refine and iterate as you go.


Based on research and best practices from mindfulness, emotional intelligence, transforming limiting beliefs, life purpose work, women’s leadership, and range of coaching modalities – this work is the integration of what has been most transformational for me, my co-leaders, and our clients.



Changing the World from the Inside Out… Together

These transformational coaching circles are for women who not only want to take their own work to the next level, but also to be part of leading cultural change – in their organizations, communities or the world – not just being successful in the structures that exist today, but consciously shaping a workplace and world where we can all fully thrive.

For us to make our greatest impact as change agents, we need a space to step outside the prevailing culture and day-to-day demands, and connect deeply and authentically with like-minded women – to align our leadership from the inside out, more fully with our values and purpose, to break through the cultural and invisible barriers to our higher potential, and to co-create the new models and structures that would elevate our work in the world, and humanity as a whole.

In a transformational women’s leadership circle, you will experience a micro-culture where women’s authentic leadership thrives in ways that it doesn’t yet in our prevailing culture, and explore together how we can live and lead in a new way – as models of the change we want to see in the world;  and how we can expand this kind of learning community and culture within our organizations, communities and the world.


Next Steps:

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