Rave Reviews

Sherri’s greatness stems from her ability to combine/leverage three talents — as a teacher, facilitator, and coach — to lead groups of individuals through a personally transformative journey in community with one another. She engenders trust in participants through her warmth and personal stories; engages participants through reflective and provocative exercises, and builds community through a shared experience / living laboratory. I can’t think of a better executive coach to lead this program.
Laura Bunch, Director of Career Services, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Sherri is masterful at guiding people to a deeper place within themselves, and holding a supportive and powerful space for transformation. The session she co-led at this year’s Wisdom 2.0 Conference was rated by many as one of their favorite experiences of the entire conference, which featured many well known teachers in mindfulness and leadership. It seems to me that facilitation is not just something she loves to do — it’s something that naturally flows from who she is. She is grounded, heart-centered, and brilliant — someone I can absolutely trust to lead a group in a profoundly connected and high impact experience.
Michelle Stransky, Founder Wisdom Women and Former Conference Director – Wisdom 2.0

Sherri is a master course designer and facilitator. I enjoyed working and teaching with her and recommend her without qualification. She brings out the best in people and develops systems that allow not only learning but genuine inspiration.
– Michael L. Ray, Professor of Creativity and Innovation and of Marketing (Emeritus), Stanford Graduate School of Business, co-author, Creativity in Business, Path of the Everyday Hero, and The Creative Spirit and author, The Highest Goal.

Conscious Leadership Circles

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sherri in an important time in my life. Her ability to get to the heart of whatever issue you are going through is a wonderful opportunity to really make a transformation in your thinking, your possibilities and your vision. I would highly recommend her to anybody who wants to make a transformation in their lives, find and live their purpose.”  – MaryAnn Voli, Managing Director Asia Pacific, PotentialSquared

“Sherri has the capacity and skill to build a group that is quickly welcoming, comfortable, safe and inspiring. She led our group with a lovely light touch, yet also a deft touch. The group members are now individually and collectively a source of great personal inspiration and support for me and I feel very blessed to have them in my life.    To anyone who is considering joining one of her groups I say “Go for it!”  You won’t regret it, not for a minute.”  –  Dr. Andrea Lowe

Executive Coaching

My time with Sherri was memorable and inspirational. I adore her and know that she will have an incredible impact in all the lives of the women she works with. The value I received was beyond money. I am moving forward in my life now and experiencing wild success. Working with Sherri was a prominent stepping stone that has brought me to this place of clarity, joy, and CONFIDENCE IN WHO I AM!” –  Lisa Van Ahn, Founder – I Am Initiative, Owner – LVA Fitness

I can’t say enough about how grateful I am for working with Sherri!! Her absolute, fierce support helped me awaken to the person that I am and all that I bring to life by being me. She is competent, wise and patient and able to communicate the work well, and with her skills, I was able to make the huge shift in my life that I feel now.”  – Jamie Askin

Professional Reboot Circles

This process was so rewarding!  I think it’s so necessary for anyone going through a transition or wondering if they are on the right path.  I wish this had been a required course in Business School.” – Sylvie Stefant, Product Design Consultant and Former Marketing Executive

Sherri is amazing!  She has a special way of being demanding (appropriately so!) and compassionate.  Her approach is broader and deeper than anyone else I have come across and she offers deep insight for each person.  I appreciate that she has that rare blend of traditional business credentials, and training on the more introspective, deep, emotional side.

By the end of the 8-week program, I accepted a part-time job – my first in many years. It was great to have the group feedback in assessing the opportunity, but also really important for me to know that I would have a supportive community while embarking on this challenge.  Knowing that I have spoken about my dreams with this group will help motivate me in this first step, as well as make sure that I keep my eye on my longer term goals.”  – Nancy Rosenthal, former Director, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield (Marketing);  Newly employed by a charter school.

If it weren’t for this group, I wouldn’t be where I am now.  When I started the group, I was struggling with applying for part time jobs.  The group helped me see that the jobs I was looking for weren’t an ideal fit, and my true calling was to be a coach.  At first I wasn’t sure I could, but my confidence grew enormously.  Within six months, I had a thriving practice and a number of great partnerships and sources of clients – far beyond what I could have dreamed was possible!  I’m so grateful I didn’t waste too much time hunting for jobs I probably would not have enjoyed nearly as much.

You crafted a space with a structure that allowed for flexibility and creativity. You created the safety for all of us to show our vulnerability and stretch to see our potential.  I now have a new career and an amazing group of women who continue to offer incredible support.  I couldn’t have asked for more. You are fabulous!”  – Iris Kloth, Professional Career Coach

Sherri’s teaching style is a wonderful blend of business acumen and deep listening and understanding of inner process.  She is a terrific facilitator and group leader and created a safe and productive container for all of us.”  –  Julia Zarcone, Executive Director, Cantabile Youth Singers

Working with Sherri transformed how I saw myself and expanded my idea of what was possible for me.  Sherri’s passion and her extensive knowledge guided me each step of the way and I was able to achieve things I hadn’t dreamed possible…

Sherri is truly a gifted coach. Her insight and wisdom coupled with her vast experience can assist anyone wanting to create a career in alignment with their purpose. It was a unique and transformative experience to take this journey in a circle of women. I hadn’t realized the value and power of what can be generated when 7 women band together to move their lives forward.”  –  Jeanette Price, Mom returning to work after 10 years raising a family

It would be hard to overstate the impact working with Sherri has had on my career and personal life.   Her work has done what prestigious university degrees and graduate programs could not – transform my skills and abilities into deeply satisfying work that I believe will be valued and sought after in my field. ”  – Karn Knight, Mom returning to work after 8 years raising a family

This program has really made a HUGE difference in my life. It helped me answer some deep meaningful questions and was exactly what I needed to rise above the overwhelming job of being a mom/wife/employee etc.” – Ann Libbey

When I went to the first session I had no vision of what I wanted my life to be like, and I was so busy I didn’t even know I didn’t have a vision.  I now have a clear plan and the support of new friends to help me achieve my personal and professional goals.”  – Jennifer S