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Unlock Your Power & Manifest Your Vision

A 2-Day Feminine Power Workshop

April 21 – 22 in Palo Alto

This workshop is designed for conscious, gifted women to unleash the next level of power they need to manifest their vision and higher potentials. You’ll be guided step-by-step through the acclaimed, research-based process of unlocking your “Three Power Centers” that’s worked for over 500,000 women from more than 100 countries.

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Facilitated by Sherri Lassila; Created by Dr. Claire Zammit, Founder, Feminine Power

When you unlock the Three Power Centers of Feminine Power, you tap into your own vibrant energy source, insight, inner wisdom, and so, so much more.  In this workshop, you will expand your capacity to:

  • Connect more deeply with who you are at core, and unleash more of your power to create what’s next in your work and life
  • Align more fully with your higher purpose (whether or not you know what that is yet).
  • Feel a sense of authentic confidence in your ability to attract and create the resources you need to thrive.
  • Have your relationships mirror and match your true values.
  • Express your gifts, in ways that expand your impact and influence.
  • Feel connected and attuned to your own inner compass and develop an unshakable bond with your intuition.


What can you expect from participating in the Feminine Power workshop?

Women who’ve attended this seminar have reported incredible improvements in their confidence, relationships, health, connection to their gifts, creativity, self-expression, prosperity, overall happiness and so much more.

The 7 most common benefits women report from awakening the Three Power Centers of  Feminine Power:

  1. They discover their life purpose.
  2. They create more prosperity in their lives.
  3. They create careers that mirror their passions.
  4. They improve their health & well-being.
  5. They unlock their creativity.
  6. They enjoy more satisfying relationships.
  7. They feel supported by a worldwide sisterhood.


Your Feminine Power is within you—just waiting to be unleashed!

I hope you’ll join me and the group of brilliant women who will be coming together for this transformational experience.


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Feminine Power Circle – Kickoff the Year With Power & Grace

Join me and a tribe of brilliant women to complete 2017 and begin 2018 with Power & Grace

Thursday January 11, 6:30 – 9:30 PM in Palo Alto

This is one of the 50 Feminine Power* Winter Solstice and New Year events that are happening in more than 36 Cities on 6 continents.

  • Reignite your spark
  • Release what’s no longer serving you
  • Harvest the year’s experiences, and turn them into fuel for your creative fire
  • Re-align with your vision—at an even higher level

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Wise Leader Retreat

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In a confidential setting (25 people maximum), this Exclusive Residential retreat offered to company founders and C-Level Executives will take place from Wednesday May 10, 6pm to Friday May 12, 2pm in Novato, CA.

This retreat was created in response to a call from leaders for creating a community around purposeful living and compassionate leadership.

Along with workshops by our amazing speakers on topics including awareness training, unleashing creativity, social and emotional intelligence and wise leadership, you will experience yoga, meditation, nature walks, workshops, improv, and purposeful dialogues.

Facilitators Include:  Chip Conley, Sherri Lassila, Ambassador V. Ashok , Dr. Prasad Kaipa, Dr. Richard Miller, Jay Chodagam

For more information and registration – www.wiseleader.org

The Shift Network Leadership Roundtable 2016

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Get the interview recordings at www.shiftleadershiproundtable.com

Visionary Women on the Rise

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The Feminine Wake Up Call – Seven Keys to Stepping Into Your Inspired Leadership


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The Shift Network Leadership Roundtable

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Tuesday December 8, 4 PM PST

You can check out the details and reserve your free spot here:


The Shift Leadership Academy

Taking Your Soul’s Mission To The Next Level of Fulfillment, Evolutionary Impact, and Success

A year-long mentorship, training and mastermind with top evolutionary leaders, combining retreats, coaching, online sessions and expert guest faculty.  Starts Monday, January 11.   Check out the Shift Roundtable above for more details.

Stanford University Continuing Studies – Transformational Leadership: How to Lead Every Day in Alignment with Who You Are and What Matters Most

This authentic leadership course teaches a powerful methodology for unleashing your full leadership power and more consistently leading in alignment with your values, strengths and deeper wisdom. It is designed for leaders who are ready for the transformational inner work to make a bigger impact, with a greater sense of confidence and ease.

Tuesday evenings starting January 12 – Stanford catalog and registration coming soon.

WisdomWomen Visionary Gathering at Esalen

With  Sally Kempton, Konda Mason, Michelle Stransky, Sherri Lassila, and others: January 29-31st, 2016

WisdomWomen is thrilled to host the first ever women’s only property-wide gathering on the majestic grounds of Esalen in Big Sur!

This revolutionary gathering is a call to action for women to collectively fulfill our radical visions for a life-affirming world. We are not asking whether or not this can be done. We are claiming that it is ours to do. Our work here as Women of Wisdom is not complete until every being is safe and free to thrive.

(I am an advisor for WisdomWomen and this event, and will be facilitating a circle.)
Click here for details and registration.


Stanford Graduate School of Business Alumni Career Center – Women’s Professional Reboot

Professional Reboot workshop for Stanford GSB alumni – combination of in-person workshop on 9/25 plus virtual follow-up sessions. Women’s Professional Reboot



Transformational Women’s Circle – How To Unleash Your Full Power, and Lead Every Day in Alignment with Who You Are and What Matters Most

Starts Tuesday, 10/7 in Palo Alto

A coaching circle for women who are ready to take a leap forward towards their dreams, and want to do it with the support of seasoned coaches, a structured process, and a very small group of extraordinary women (no more than 10 participants.)


Stanford Mother’s Symposium – The Power of Purpose

A morning of inspirational speakers, guided conversations and opportunities to make meaningful connections as we explore how a deep sense of purpose helps us tap into our resilience as women and mothers.


Wisdom 2.0 Annual Conference 2015

Breakout Session: Integrate & Rejuvenate -A Women’s Oasis

With Sherri Lassila, Michelle Stransky, Jenny Sauer-Klein, Valerie Chafograck

Our breakout received rave reviews! A space for women to connect with your wisdom, your purpose and your peers in a container of deep listening, fun and support. Re-enter the second half of the conference from a resourced space, with new friendships and a deeper connection to yourself and your purpose.


Stanford University Continuing Studies – Unleashing Creativity and Leadership for Women 2015

Based on courses taught for more than two decades at the Stanford Graduate School of Business as well as in executive leadership programs, this course offers a life-changing approach to unleashing your full creative power and leadership potential. Using the latest research and best practices on how women leaders can develop and thrive, this approach will empower you to live and lead authentically.


WE-Practice: Awaken. Connect. Grow.

A combination of co-mindfulness, meditative dialog, and movement practices that help us to awaken, connect, and unleash our creative flow. WEpractice is a relational spiritual practice that starts where your solo practice ends–as you get off the cushion or yoga mat. It is the very practice that helps you “translate” the deepest and most profound realizations of meditation into everyday life.


Stanford Graduate School of Business – Professional Reboot Virtual Course for Women Alumni

Professional Reboot 7-Week Teleseminar – for alumni only – Create Meaningful Work You Love, On Your Own Terms.




Unleash power and flow as you take your Life's Work to the next level.

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